When I shall get to God, he'll say: You haven't been ideal, Gad, and you know it. But probably he won't punish me, because God doesn't punish for a life of love."

The Authors

Carsten Does, born 1965 in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. Studied political sciences at Freie Universität Berlin and works in the field of political and social film and arts. In 2000 he founded the collective project "hybrid video tracks" which realizes exhibitions (NGBK, Berlin; shedhalle, Zürich; Hamburger Kunsthalle), produces videoclips or -installations (winner of the 13th International Videofestival in Bochum and others) and publishes essays on social and political topics.

More information at: www.hybridvideotracks.org

Robin Cackett, born 1958 in Basel, Switzerland, studied philosophy, psychology and sociology in Basel, Heidelberg and Berlin (M.A.). He has worked as a translator for various German publishing houses in the field of cultural and social sciences since 1985 and in the 1990ies committed himself to sexual politics and Aids-activism. During a one year field-trip to Papua New Guinea he produced four short documentaries about rural and ritual life in a small village in the Finisterre Mountains. He presently works as a psychoanalyst in Berlin.

The Crew

Frank Kranstedt, a free-lance cameraman, works for German TV-channels Pro 7, WDR and others and lives in Cologne, Germany.

Susanne Foidl, studied film editing at the academy “HFF Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam, Germany, and lives as a free-lance editor in Werder, Germany.