“The ideal film about my life would be done
by Steven Spielberg, Forgive me, forgive me.”

The Story of Gad Beck
Carsten Does and Robin Cackett
Germany 2006
100 min.


Gad Beck

Miriam Rosenberg (née Beck), Hans-Oskar Löwenstein, Jizchak Schwersenz, Zvi Aviram

Best European Feature Film
17th Lesbian and Gay Filmfestival Hamburg
» www.lsf-hamburg.de

Gad Beck is a great story teller. He was ten years old when the Nazis came to power and 19 when his great love Manfred Lewin was deported and killed in Auschwitz. “Half-breeds” by Nazi standards Gad Beck and his twin sister Miriam were interned at Rosenstrasse camp in the centre of Berlin in 1943 but set free again after unique street protests by non-Jewish relatives and friends.
As leader of the underground group “Chug Chaluzi” Gad Beck helped to organize the survival of many Jews in Berlin during the last two years of World War II until he and his friends were finally caught

How is history remembered and told? How is an eye witness staged by later generations and how does he stage himself?

A film about the fluid boundaries between truth and legend and about the omnipresence of media representations in history.
A film about negotiating between generations, about curiosity, flirtation and tact.
A film about mundane heroism and gay lust for life in a murderous time.

Authors: Carsten Does und Robin Cackett
Camera: Frank Kranstedt
Editing: Susanne Foidl
Produced by the authors

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